Warranty Services Limited has already achieved success across multiple markets for insurance backed guarantees, primarily through the QANW brand, which has been a market leading name in the insurance backed guarantee industry for almost 20 years. Now, through the Kinnell ECO brand, we seek to bring that same level of knowledge and experience to the sustainability/insulation sectors of the market. These sectors are being supported through the Energy Company Obligation, (ECO) which aims to improve the energy efficiency of UK households; particularly low income and vulnerable households.

ECO is being overseen by OFGEM, the Government regulator for energy providers in the UK. OFGEM has established a set of rules governing the administration of ECO. These rules can be found in OFGEM’s “Guidance for Suppliers” document. Importantly, the rules set out in this document require that both cavity and solid wall insulation works with respect to ECO are subject to an appropriate guarantee, which provides long-term financial assurance and a guarantee of quality, to customers, even in the event that the issuer of the guarantee ceases to trade.

OFGEM has declared that the Kinnell ECO guarantee is an appropriate guarantee for both cavity and solid wall insulation works under ECO. Additionally, the Kinnell ECO Guarantee is underwritten by an authorised & regulated UK-based insurer, meaning that eligible customers have rights of recourse to the Financial Services Compensation Scheme and the Financial Ombudsman Service; the statutory financial compensation fund and dispute resolution service respectively. This type of protection is only made possible through the use of regulated insurance products and is not something that would be found in the offerings of a standard unregulated guarantee providers.

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